Reclaim Your Life

Reclaim Your Life!

Reclaim Your Life!

There may be multiple causes, circumstances, challenges and obstacles in your way, and diagnosis may not have restored your function, but with just three simple steps, you can begin to reclaim your life.

Step 1 - Perfect Storm Assessment

The assessment will identify your perfect storm of causes, challenges, circumstances and the obstacles that stand in the way of your recovery.

We’ll record your symptoms, see how much you’re moving and sleeping, gauge your energy level, take a look at your diet and survey your current environment.  Your responses set important baselines for your recovery program.

STEP 2 - Connect for a Consult

Once we have identified the pieces that have come together to create your perfect storm, we’ll connect you with a member of the Recovery Team for a forty five minute consult.

All members of the recovery team are trained, qualified and licensed health coaches who have overcome chronic fatigue syndrome and other debilitating health challenges, and now devote their lives to helping others do the same.

Step 3 - Your Personal Recovery Plan

After your consult, you’ll receive a copy of your assessment, the details of your perfect storm and your personal plan of recovery.

You’ll be able to see the baselines for energy, exhaustion, pain, sleep and movement that were recorded during your assessment and witness them change as you engage in your personal program.

We support you through the whole process and provide a safe place where you can connect with others who are discovering their own perfect storm and reclaiming their lives.

Support & Community

We’ll connect you to the Recovery Team and community of others just like you who are discovering their perfect storm and sharing their stories.

You’ll be able to reach the Recovery Team at any time, post and comment in the community, even book “On Demand Appointments”.


Each one of these steps are complimentary, and commit you to nothing. I spent more than a decade trying to escape my couch and am thrilled to make good on a promise I made years ago.  That if I ever found my way off, I would devote my life to helping others do the same.

I still remember the frustration and anger of searching hopelessly for answers. I remember every one of the rabbit holes I fell down and what it cost me in money, time and precious energy.

We are on a mission to help you reclaim your life, not sell a cure. This is the beginning of your journey, of our connecting and learning how we can best serve you in your unique journey of transformation, and we can’t do that without getting to know you first!

“Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.” Ruth Bader Ginsberg

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