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Consultation with Sue Lyndes

ME/CFS Fibromyalgia Food Sensitivities

Consultation With Holly Wade

Crohn's Disease
Auto Immune Conditions

Consultation with Beth Schroeder

Inflammatory Conditions

Condition-Specific Programs

Brain Health & Auto Immune Conditions

Improve your brain function and memory with Brain Health

Happy Belly for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Learn How to keep your Gut Happy

The Reset Protocol

Using the Essential Elements to Feel Better and Manage your Chronic Illness


Breathwork for Stress Reduction

Reduce your Stress

Health Boundaries

Setting Healthy Boundaries

Detoxing Your Home

Detox your Home to Function Better

Treatments & Therapies

Soothing Aromatherapy

Ease Stress, Boost Relaxation and Sleep Better with Aromatherapy

Mindful Meditation Class

Dive deep into the transcendent with a master

Yoga to Boost Your Health

Increase your Energy and Improve your Strength, Balance and Flexibility

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