Movement keeps you Strong and Mobile

Every Body has to Move


Moving doesn’t just help us get around, it also keeps us strong and makes us more resilient. Our bodies are designed to be in motion, and when we don’t move, our muscles waste, our bones get weaker, our joints get stiff and it takes even more energy to participate in life.

That translates into a whole lot of pain and exhaustion!

Having a chronic illness can make exercising difficult for some and impossible for others, but all of us must find a way to move no matter what restrictions our chronic illness imposes on us.

Take this quick assessment and see if lack of movement is making it harder for you to participate in life.

Gentle stretches improve flexibility, increase blood flow and decrease muscle soreness. Restorative yoga can relieve stress, calm your mind and restore balance. Exercise specialist, Holly Wade, is the perfect person to help you find the way of moving consistently that best supports you.

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