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The Chronic Illness Reset connects you with a Health Coach who creates a personal action plan of recovery for you. It all starts with our Foundations Assessment.




Health Coach



The Process


Your Foundations Assessment

Your Foundations Assessment identifies the factors that make it difficult to manage your chronic illness and provides a baseline to measure improvements from. The Assessment:

At the end of the assessment, you receive your Reset Score, your Challenge level and a score for each of the four foundations. These scores tell you where you need to focus first.

Next, you’ll meet with a health coach for a consultation so we can learn more about your situation and identify the resources that will help you the most.



Your Consultation

During your 45-minute consultation, we listen to your story. We want to discover how your condition affects your life, what your challenges and frustrations are and everything you’ve tried so far.

We’ll talk about what you need to reclaim your life, how we support you through the process and the best way for you to start. We give you tips and suggestions that address your most pressing challenges and summarize everything in a plan that you have lifetime access to.


Your Custom Reset Plan

Your Custom Reset Plan introduces you to all four foundations. You’ll learn why you need each one, how they help with symptoms and challenges, and how to incorporate them into your life.

We create simple action steps in real time so you can use the foundations to address symptom flares and life challenges as they happen. And we give you unlimited support as we guide you through the process.

Here’s what you’ll master:

Reduce InflammationFor EnergyStress ReliefFood
Food as FuelFor HealingSelf CareBody
Food as MedicineFor BalanceMind/Body ConnectionMind
OWLS*For StrengthRelationships & SpiritualityHome

*Organic | Whole | Local | Seasonal

Once you’ve completed your Chronic Illness Reset, you’ll always know what you need to feel good and function at your best.

You have lifetime access to your program in the Wellness Clusters Community, which lives on a safe and secure platform called Coach Accountable. Here, you can connect with us and other community members, access your reset plan, track your progress, and use our tools and resources. 

A Safe & Secure Community

Chronic health conditions can dominate every aspect of your life. From how you feel, what you can do, what you can eat, where you can go, and how long you can stay out. We get it; for years we struggled to cope with chronic health conditions and the devastating impacts. Jobs, relationships, passions. Nothing was left untouched or untainted.

It’s why we created a special and secure space where we can meet. In this safe space away from the prying eyes of social media, advertisers and search engines, we share our knowledge, experience, skills and expertise. Plus the remedies, tools and resources we know work. We use them ourselves.

Guidance & Support

We’re here to support you every step of the way. Whether you have a question or need more in-depth advice, we can help. We understand your challenges and have the tools and resources that can help you manage your condition better. 


Your Detailed Assessment

Complete Your Assessment


Custom Reset Plan

Follow Your Plan

Your Health Coaches

Ask for Support


The Wellness Clusters Community

Connect with your dedicated health coach

Access your Custom Plan

Comment on happenings in the community

Share your thoughts & concerns

Ask us questions

Ask for support

Connect to Resources

Track your progress

Our members are on a mission to reclaim their lives from the misery of chronic illness. 


Progress Charts

Track Your Progress


Use Our Resources


Engage with the Community


Each one of us has been where you are now. We know what it’s like to struggle with chronic illness. The out of control symptoms and flare-ups ruin plans and the stress of constantly trying to manage your condition is exhausting.

There is a way to reclaim your life and we want to show you how!

Take the first step to reclaiming your life from the misery of chronic illness and join the Wellness Clusters Community today.

We can’t wait to meet you!

“Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time” – Ruth Bader Ginsberg

No Risk

Take your assessment, meet with a health coach, receive your custom plan, meet members of the community, connect with as many health coaches as you want, and ask as many questions as you need to.

All free.

No strings attached.

Only then can you know if this is right for you.

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