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      • COMPLETE your Essential Elements Assessment

        Our Essential Elements Assessment looks at all the circumstances that make your life challenging. It records your symptoms, looks at what may be inflaming them, and measures your function, quality of life, and the impact your condition has on your life, then gives you a score for each one. The assessment also captures baselines for energy, sleep, movement, and stress that we track throughout your three-week trial. After your assessment, it’s time to select a health coach for your initial consultation.

      • BOOK Your Consultation

        Your initial consultation is where you can finally tell your story. How your condition impacts your life, your challenges, your frustrations, and everything you have tried so far. You’ll talk about how to start reclaiming your life and the support and resources we provide to help you. At the end of your consultation, you’ll receive your report and an outline of your Reset Plan.

      • Your Report & Reset Plan

        This plan outlines everything from your consultation and details your next steps. You can access everything from your member profile page and connect with your Reset Team whenever you need to.

      • CONNECT with the community

        You can reach out to us at any time from your member profile page. Visit the Wellness Clusters Community where you can connect with all the health coaches and members of the community.

      – Post a message

      – Comment on posts

      – Send a private message to any coach or member

    • TRACK your Progress

      Completing a daily worksheet takes seconds. This records your levels of energy and stress, how much you move, and how many hours you sleep so that you can identify important patterns like this one.

At the end of your trial, you’ll receive a summary of everything that happened and the progress you made. You can then continue as a member or download everything and take it with you.

Your assessment, your plan, your session notes, your progress reports, everything is yours to keep.

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