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Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Contact Wellness Clusters?

Call Us or Text To: 603-607-7686.  Email Us at Connect With Us from your Profile Page.

What is included with Membership?
Membership in Wellness Clusters includes a dedicated Health Coach, access to tools and resources, and the ability to connect with any health coach or member of the community. Read the full details here.

How do I Pause my Account?

Send an email to with PAUSE MY ACCOUNT in the subject line. While your account is paused, you can still view your account, email your dedicated health coach, book consultations or purchase programs and workshops.

How do I Restart my Account?

Send an email to with REACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT in the subject line. All interactive elements of your account are reinstated when your account is reactivated.

Booking a consultation or purchasing a program or workshop also automatically re-activates your account.

How Do I Cancel My Account
Send an email to with CANCEL MY ACCOUNT in the subject line. You can request lifetime access when your account is cancelled or you can request that all your data is deleted. This action cannot be undone.

My Account

How Secure is my Account?

We use a platform called CoachAccountable to interact with clients and provide first class health coaching services and programs. You can read more about the security of your data here

What Does A Dedicated Health Coach Do?

Your dedicated health coach is responsible for designing your custom plan of recovery. They are there to answer any questions you have, give you encouragement and support and connect you with the resources you need. They also monitor your progress and give you monthly reports on your progress.

Can I Change My Dedicated Health Coach?

Yes. Finding a Health Coach you are comfortable with is important and you are free to change your dedicated health coach at any time. Just send an email to with CHANGE MY DEDICATED HEALTH COACH in the subject line and tell us who you would like to be connected with. View our Health Coaches here.

Do I have to Work with a Coach?

No. As a member of Wellness Clusters, you are free to use all the interactive tools and resources available and connect with any member or health coach. Working with a health coach or purchasing additional consultations and programs is optional.


Can I book a consultation with any coach?

Yes. You are never restricted to any one coach and can book a consultation with any health coach or wellness professional in the Wellness Clusters Community.

Can I cancel a Consultation?

You can cancel a consultation at any time up to forty eight hours prior to your appointment without charge. If you cancel a consultation after that time, you will be charged the full amount for the Consultation.

Can I reschedule a consultation?

Yes. You can reschedule your consultation at any time up to forty eight hours prior to your original consultation. If you reschedule after that time, you will be charged the full amount for the original Consultation.

Can I Connect With Any Health Coach?

Yes. You can reach out to any health coach in the community at any time. To connect with the health coaches, visit the Wellness Clusters Community Group.

Programs and Workshops

What is Wellness Clusters Refund Policy for Programs and Services?

Refunds for programs and services are at the discretion of the health coach providing the program or service. You will read and agree to those terms BEFORE you purchase.

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