Detoxing Frees Energy and Improves Function

Detox Your Food, Body and Home

Detox: Food | Body | Home | Mind

There’s not a single illness that stops you from removing toxins from your life, but there are so many reasons why removing as many as possible is essential if you want to reclaim it. From harmful chemicals in our water and body care products, to pesticide residues on our food, the average person is exposed to more than 150 chemicals every day.

Many of these chemicals are harmful to your health and can interfere with how your body functions, like endocrine disrupting BPA. At the very least, they rob you of precious energy as your body works hard to expel them from your body or store them where they can do the least harm. Recent reports show that every human has a credit card’s worth of plastic in their body!

Take this quick assessment to see if unwanted chemicals are making their way into your food, water, home, and body care products.

When you have a chronic illness, you have enough to deal with without adding toxic chemicals to the mix. SCHEDULE A CALL. We’d love to show you some simple ways you can reduce your level of stress and increase your resilience.

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