Coach: Beth Schroeder


Cancer & Inflammatory Conditions, Plant Based Nutrition




​​As a Certified Nutrition Specialist ® practitioner, I guide patients back to health by helping them be as committed to their nutritional intake as they are with their chosen or prescribed treatment. Whether that treatment is for cancer, heart disease, diabetes or some other chronic illness. I do this because it affects overall survival and quality of life. I am living proof.

Every client will hear me say: “You beat cancer or any chronic illness by how you live, why you live and what you eat to live.” My own cancer journey of 20+ years shaped a focus on nutrition that provided a path for improving food choices and support options related to supplements and lifestyle.  My primary focus is to create foundational wellness that improves quality of life contributing to greater overall survival. 

My Master of Science degree in Nutrition at Maryland University of Integrative Health, included extensive clinical nutrition, integrative health strategies and research of the benefits of plant-based foods to improve outcomes of chronic and life-threatening diseases.

My degree in Clinical and Integrative Nutrition is from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. I am board certified as a Clinical Nutrition Specialist with the added specialty of Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist.