Sometimes the Simple Things have the Biggest Impact

The symptoms of chronic illness can be so severe, it’s easy to overlook the simple things that can bring relief. My experience of chronic fatigue syndrome / fibromyalgia came with symptoms so incapacitating, I was convinced only a doctor or miracle could help me. This true story illustrates the point perfectly. During many tests to […]

Kate Kunkel

Kate Kunkel turned her mother’s tragic illness and death from dementia into her mission in life. When she learned that this and most dementias were preventable, Kate expanded her healing work as a sound therapist and vegan nutritionist and became a Licensed Amen Brain Trainer and Certified Brain Health Professional. She is also the international […]

Beth Schroeder

​As a Certified Nutrition Specialist ® practitioner, I guide patients back to health by helping them be as committed to their nutritional intake as they are with their chosen or prescribed treatment. Whether that treatment is for cancer, heart disease, diabetes or some other chronic illness. I do this because it affects overall survival and […]

How I Reclaimed My Life from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

December 2002 was when I lost my ability to function, and I embarked on a decade-long journey. What followed was a nightmare of doctors, specialists, drugs, and tests, none of which revealed a cause for my symptoms or gave me back my life. Just a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia and prescriptions for […]

Can You Reclaim Your Life From Chronic Illness?

The short answer is yes! You’ll read a lot about reclaiming your life from chronic illness on the Wellness Clusters website. When we use the word recovery, we do not mean a cure for your chronic illness. What we mean is there is a way to minimize your symptoms and regain control of your life. […]

Increase Energy and Combat Exhaustion

Living with a chronic illness can be utterly exhausting. Symptoms like pain, digestive issues, headaches, and brain fog drain your energy, and dysfunction means simple tasks can take much longer. The stress of managing symptoms and balancing life burns a great deal of energy just getting through your day. For some, your condition is called […]

Why Diagnosis Doesn’t Equal Recovery

Fatigue and exhaustion

I used to think all I needed to do was find the right doctor, get the right diagnosis, take the right medication, and I would get my life back. That was twenty years ago. Though I have met many great doctors, been given several diagnoses, and taken many, many medications, chronic illness is still a […]