A Diagnosis of Crohn’s Doesn’t Have To Be a Life Sentence

When I received my diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease in my 20’s, I wasn’t a stranger to it. My dad had been diagnosed when I was in 7th grade.  I’d watched my dad go through surgery to remove the diseased part of his gut, only to have new areas within a few months. I saw him […]

5 Ways to Manage Autoimmune Pain

Headaches and Pain

As you know, diagnosing and treating autoimmune dis-eases can be tricky. While certain medical treatments and interventions can provide relief, there are daily things that you can do to help your body.  Whether you’ve received a diagnosis or not, you already understand the pain that goes with your condition: burning or tender muscles, tightness, feeling […]

7 Health Benefits of Deep Breathing

Seven Health Benefits of Deep Breathing

Most adults breathe shallowly, meaning they breathe into their chest rather than into their belly. If you watch a baby breathe, their abdomen rises and falls with each breath. This is the way we are designed to breathe. Learning to breathe deeply into the belly has many health benefits.  Calms Nervous System Deep breathing calms […]